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Major horror
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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"Area 51" Review By Damien

Hello loyal subjects, it is I, Damien, here to advise, control, and direct. Via movie reviews. I watch the movies so you don’t have to. And this week I watched “Area 51”, which is four bucks on Amazon strewing, and also available for free on Netflix.

And it’s overpriced.

Area 51 was written and directed by Oren Peli. If you google “Oren Peli”
I'm Oren (duh)
you will instantly see a picture of a man who looks like he is named “Oren”. He is worth fifty million dollars and nothing in this review will have any effect on him.  He is the writer and director of “Paranormal Activity”, which, for a found footage movie, did not suck.

Area 51 sucked. But let’s not focus on the negative. We have all eternity for that (Preview- You and Me minus Me watching “You Me and Dupree” for 100 years- with occasional breaks for forcible sodomy). Area 51 did some things right. It didn’t overuse certain horror tropes. For example, at no point in this movie did Sean Bean die. He just wished he was dead while he watched it. I assume that this movie was footage found by Sean Bean. It makes it more entertaining to imagine him watching it.
So aside from that, it was all pretty much what you would expect minus anything remotely scary. 

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Countdown to October!

xIt's almost October, my demonic darlings. Just one more day of (yawn) September! 
A fellow horror aficionado challenged my to name my top 5 FAVORITE and top 5 SCARIEST horror movies. It's easier said than done, fiendish friends. I'm working on them... and I'll share them soon...but I don't know if I can top  hers! She kindly offered to share them, so here they are.....

"Submitted for your consideration (in no particular order):
1.  The Sentinel – 1977 (Burgess Meredith is scary without having to even open his mouth.  Also, Chris Sarandon is in this, he’s been my secret boyfriend for almost 30 years….)
2. Fright Night – Original, with Chris Sarandon (see above)
3. Salem’s Lot – Great adaptation
4. The Shining – All work and no play…
5. The Hunger (Catherine Deneuve, David Bowie and Susan Sarandon!)
Scariest:  these were picked based on how much they scared me the first time I watched them
1. Alone in the Dark – 1982 (Forget Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Jack Palance is one scary pyscho!)
2. Nightmare on Elm Street – literally couldn’t sleep after this one.
3. Silence of the Lambs – too real, psychotics are scary as hell
4. The Exorcist.  Obvs.
5. Children of the Corn – maybe cheesy pick but any movie that has a character named Malachai is naturally scary.
Ok, so this was WAY harder than I thought and there are glaring omissions, such as almost every Vincent Price/Poe match up.  Most of John Carpenters flicks and a few of Cronenberg’s.  Almost every movie based on Stephen King novel with rare exception.  And on and on and on…  
Now to go watch some scary movies!!"

Thanks Killer Kris! I gotta watch Alone in the Dark now! 
How about all you guys and ghouls? What are YOUR favorites?

❤️, Creepy Carrie

Sunday, September 27, 2015

All Cheerleaders Die

Did you love "Heathers"?  And "The Craft"? All those kind of crappy movies about teenagers from the '90s?  (Not the '80s... those were better!) If you answered yes, then "All Cheerleaders Die" will not be a total waste of your time.  It's entertaining, it has a sense of humor, and super cheesy, low budget special effects.
The basic plot is this:  Head cheerleader is dating captain of the football team.  She's a real B, and he's a real D-bag. She dies in an accident.  Her former friend decides to ruin the epic senior year for the mean, dead cheerleader's boyfriend and the rest of the cheerleaders/football team.  Her rather innocent attempt at revenge takes a wrong turn, of course, and the whole crew of cheerleaders are in a horrendeous accident. Luckily, there's this weird witchy girl who is kind of obsessed with one of the cheerleader.  Let's just say, she wants her to "come back" to her.  Are you catching my drift?
I don't want to give TOO much away, but honestly, you'll see each step coming, if you have ever watched a movie about witches, zombies, or teenagers.  Still, it's a fun, slightly gory, movie that does not get too slow or take itself too seriously. I give it 2.5 stars, and hey... it's streaming on Netflix and Amazon RIGHT NOW! It also has a pretty good soundtrack, which wins it points in my book.  Here's the trailer...
Creepy Carrie

Hey there!

Hey there internet!
I know what you're thinking... the world needs more blogs about horror movies, right? I thought so too!
It's almost October, and here at my house, it's our favorite time of year.  Halloween costumes are being designed, decorations being dragged out of the basement, and best of all..... ALL the horror movies on TV and your favorite streaming platforms!!
So, in honor of the birth of this blog, and our favorite holiday, we will have 31 DAYS OF HORROR, starting, you guessed it... October 1st.
We are accepting guest bloggers so if YOU are a horror fan, send me your review! Your favorite, or scariest, or funniest, or WORST horror movie.... we will cover it all.

Your favorite Damsel of Darkness,

Creepy Carrie