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Major horror
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

All Cheerleaders Die

Did you love "Heathers"?  And "The Craft"? All those kind of crappy movies about teenagers from the '90s?  (Not the '80s... those were better!) If you answered yes, then "All Cheerleaders Die" will not be a total waste of your time.  It's entertaining, it has a sense of humor, and super cheesy, low budget special effects.
The basic plot is this:  Head cheerleader is dating captain of the football team.  She's a real B, and he's a real D-bag. She dies in an accident.  Her former friend decides to ruin the epic senior year for the mean, dead cheerleader's boyfriend and the rest of the cheerleaders/football team.  Her rather innocent attempt at revenge takes a wrong turn, of course, and the whole crew of cheerleaders are in a horrendeous accident. Luckily, there's this weird witchy girl who is kind of obsessed with one of the cheerleader.  Let's just say, she wants her to "come back" to her.  Are you catching my drift?
I don't want to give TOO much away, but honestly, you'll see each step coming, if you have ever watched a movie about witches, zombies, or teenagers.  Still, it's a fun, slightly gory, movie that does not get too slow or take itself too seriously. I give it 2.5 stars, and hey... it's streaming on Netflix and Amazon RIGHT NOW! It also has a pretty good soundtrack, which wins it points in my book.  Here's the trailer...
Creepy Carrie

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