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Major horror
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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

There's....something on the wing!

Is there anything more terrifying than hurtling through the air at unnaturally high speeds, while encased in a claustrophobia-inducing, metal sky-coffin that's full of strangers and their disgusting germs? If your palms started sweating just reading that, well then, read on, my brothers and sisters in aerophobia! Here are the top 5 movies you should NOT watch right before you fly to that family family reunion in the tiniest commercial jet you've ever seen...

5. Twilight Zone
The monster on the wing is a classic! In fact, the original episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet", which first aired in 1963 (and starring William Shatner, natch!) is available in it's entirety online. If you haven't seen this gem, it totally holds up, cheesy monster effects and all. Plus, it's just fun to hear Shatner say "there's some..thing..on the wing!" I mean, how many times has that been parodied? It's a pop-culture must-see....unless of course, you are flying anytime soon. 20 years later, it was remade as a segment of the Twilight Zone Movie, with John Lithgow in the Shatner role. Equally good... watch 'em both! Then don't travel by anything airborne for the next 5 years!

4. Fight Club
Not a horror movie, I know, but when Edward Norton's character imagines the midair collision, it's everything horrifying you ever picture when the flight attendant reviews the safety procedures....

 3. Red Eye
One of the worst parts of flying is wondering what kind of weirdo you'll be stuck touching shoulders and making awkward small talk with while you take-off toward certain doom. But even the smelliest, nosiest, drunkest plane neighbor has nothing on Rachael McAdam's murderous flight mate!

2. World War Z
Snakes on a plane? Forget that bullshit. ZOMBIES on a plane... now THAT'S scary!

1. Final Destination
Really. I mean, really. Yes, there have been a million sequels to this, and lots of rip offs.... but I hold this scene up as one of the most terrifying scenes in any movie I've scene. This shit feels REAL. Don't watch it unless you want to think about it...every time you see an airplane.

And there you go, my creepy compadres! Enjoy your flight! ~Creepy Carrie

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